Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finally! Finally! Finally!

It seems that since returning from our big trip the first part of November, my art work and creativity have been in a holding pattern, sort of stalled, never quite sputtering to life. Family matters have taken precedence, playing catch up from being away so long, and then planning for a slew of January-February classes. I had planned on getting into my studio on Monday, but this came up, then that popped up, and before I knew it, the day was over. But today, oh yes, today I made my way into my tidy little unused studio. I entered cautiously, lit a candle, turned on my iPod and rolled the dial until I hit upon Sting (Brand New Day), did some stretching and jumping (yes, I actually jumped up and down and then grooved a bit to the music). I proceeded to spend the next several hours working on several - SEVERAL - unfinished projects!

This is my Fantasy Box in process from a class I took at SCRAP last Saturday. I'll share more about the class the my finished piece, well, when I finish it. For today, I dripped melted crayons on the round ball at the top.

Here are some of the metal cards I started at Art and Soul in Leighanna Light's class. Today I added more paint and metal bits to some of the cards.

Okay, my daily canvas project has suffered a bit as well and today I did about a dozen "entries" (I'm not quite caught up). I had suspended my efforts for the month we were gone, then I got behind when we returned. As of today, I am up to November 26th and on entry #141. I'll post an upright photo as soon as I get up to the current date!

Another Art and Soul class I took was with Kelly Rae Roberts. The photo at the top of this post was a finished piece from the class and today I played around with the background on the second piece (today I started to work on the face, but I took the photo before I painted on hair, eyebrows, or pouty cherry-kissed lips).

So that was my day. I'm pleased with myself and with my progress. And tomorrow? My friend Destree is coming first thing in the morning for an artful play date!


theresa martin said...

Looks like you're cooking up some good stuff in your studio! Glad you had such a good day.

creator of trinkets & treasures. said...


Your metal ATCs from Leighnna's class look great.

Remember we sat together at Helga's class.


Destree said...

I'm glad you are getting back in the swing of things! I had fun today....our artsy mornings always make for such mellowrific afternoons. :0)

Peshe said...

studio work...breathing at last. a happier dayna. tore apart what was done at SCRAP on 12/06 as soon as i got home. boy was i ever stiff...really needed to sand and gesso. much happier now that i've incorperated a few of my recent finds and italian gifts. thanks for the latte at laughing planet. per their site, a new location to open within walking distance of me!!! guess i'll get a card as insentive to go out for coffee and a bite to eat (i do deserve to splurg on being served, right??)


Bridget B. said...

Hurray for getting back into it! I have a painting in my head that needs to get out . . . but have been busily working on things for Crafty Wonderland this Sunday . . .

Deirdra Doan said...

Oh I love your Kelly Rae painting. I haven't finished any of the projects I started at Art and Soul!!! but I am have art fun anyway...making dolls.
Merry Christmas.
I look forward to getting to the sweet "I love your blog" button you sent me...thank you again...Just been so busy with other art things.

Deirdra Doan said...

PS I took a class at the same time as Leighnna. She was starving so I gave her some of my Pizza. I didn't realize at the time what a great artists she was...your work from her class are very cool.
I have been doing the Dec. Veiws on my blog...such pretty photo's on other peoples blogs. Very peaceful.

Shelly said...

Phenomenal work !! I thought the painting at the beginning of the post WAS a Kelly Rae Roberts piece. Awesome job !! Love the colors (you are great with colors).
Your metal cards are great. I still have A&S projects to complete, too.