Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hula Hooping for Fun and Health

A group of my Artist's Way ladies were discussing hula hoops when we got together to create our Vision Boards a couple weeks ago. Laura, one of our ladies, happened to know someone who made custom hoops: Carl of Mr. Tie Dye. Carl agreed to take advance orders and then meet us to 1) give us our custom-made hoops (we got to choose our own colors!), and 2) offer "how to" hoop suggestions. Friday night was our time to meet. Robin, owner of Pilates and Presence at Play, made all the arrangements and hosted the event at her exercise studio and home.

Carl demonstrates a few techniques to get us going.

Jill and Laura show off their hooping skills.

My only problem (well, not my only problem) is that I don't have a space big enough inside my house to do any hooping - so to the parking lot it will be! If you're driving by on Commercial Street and see me twirling my violet, orange, and green hoop, please give me a little honk!


Peshe said...

a murder of crows, unkindness of ravens, and hoopla of hula hoopers? check out Suzi Blu's older blog for hula hooping....
i have the hips and gut but not the swing....says the crone

gl. said...

awesome. i love hooping as a form of exercise that doesn't make me want to die. i hope you enjoy it, too. how neat to do it in a supportive, fun group.