Sunday, February 1, 2009

Forme de robe

My friend Vicki was in town over the weekend (she's from Astoria) and I surprised her with a simple dress form from be. (bare.elements) that I had picked up at Stampin' Cat Studio. My idea is that we do a two-person swap. We each start out with a naked dress form (they are roughly 12 inches tall) and do some simple embellishments. This is how we are starting:

The next time we get together (February 21st when she will be taking my Itty Bitty Pretties class at the DIY Lounge), we will exchange our dress forms. Then, we'll art up the other person's dress form and trade again either the next time we get together or via the mail. We will do this back and forth trade until 1) we're exhausted, or 2) there is no space left or possible thing we can do to the form, whichever comes first.

Here we are, excited with the possibilities of the project!