Friday, February 27, 2009

We Want More! We Want More!

Last night's Visual Journaling class ended in a rather unusual way - it didn't. Let me back up. Last night was to have been the final evening of a four-week visual journaling class: A Life Collage - A Month of Thursdays. However, the four faithful women visual journalists staged a mini rebellion, at first politely asking me to continue the class for two more sessions and when that failed, they tied me to the toilet with duct tape until I agreed to facilitate for two more sessions. Since I was getting sore being tied to the loo, I relented - two more weeks it is! And graciously, Lisa of Stampin' Cat Studio gave her nod of approval for us to continue using her studio space.

During our session last night, we learned a few new techniques. One technique was using a blue foam block to make our own stamps, another was painting paint on magazine pages then pressing the painted page to pages in our journal. We also cut portions of poems out of poetry books (yes, we defaced books), then glued the words and lines of poetry in random order on our painted pages. We played with using masks (a sort of reverse stencil), and also explored the art journals of Randi Feuerhelm Watts. It was a good night. Here are glimpses of our pages (and our messes).


Gerri said...

OK can't get that picture out of my head - you duct taped to the toilet!!

I can't wait to get to do one of your classes after AW ends - this looks like SO much fun.

Randi said...

I don't know you and I can't get that duct tape thing out of my head either...I wish I had of been there your pages are dreamy. There is nothing like starting with a inspiring background to get the ol journal blood pumping. Can I come next week?

Destree said...

I think I have an artist crush :0)