Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last Saturday, I offered my Itty Bitty Pretties class at Stampin' Cat Studio. This same class will be offered in Portland in a couple of weeks at the DIY Lounge at collage and it has been sold out for weeks! In fact, I was asked to offer another class - soon - because several people were asking when it would be offered again (in case you're wondering, it will be offered again on Saturday, March 14th 10:30-1:00 and there are already people registered!). Meanwhile in Salem, I didn't fill the class. But somehow, it was kind of a nice change to have a smaller group - there were four women - it seemed more intimate and leisurely. This group of ladies didn't waste any time jumping in, in fact, while I was discussing the process, they were already cutting out photographs and selecting papers to use.

By the end of class, each woman had a cluster of Itty Bitty Pretties (my apologies for the poor photo quality - taking photos on a shiny wood table isn't the best backdrop!).

*Itty Bitty Pretties in South East Salem

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gl. said...

i'm sure the salem classes will pick up after they hear from former participants how awesome they are. seeing them all lined up on a ribbon is quite appealing!