Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Can't Keep Up!

Last Thursday, I attended my third Mixed Media class with Cynthia Herron. It's a small, intimate class (there are only four students), but we never have time to complete our project so we have homework. Unfortunately, I hadn't anticipated this, so my projects for the past two weeks are languishing in my studio, waiting to be completed. I feel sort of like a slackard that I haven't got them completed, especially when we're supposed to bring our finished projects back to class for a gentle critique session. Ummmm, maybe I should skip class this week and use the time to finish the previous projects before piling on even more!

Last week, Cynthia gave us a great overview on color theory and then turned us loose to create a collage using the color information she gave us. She had brought a variety of paint chips for us to use, also a bag of hand-dyed silk fabric remnants - I chose the fabric remnants, they were all so beautiful. Here is what I got done during the class:

Next, I need to add a central image and then enhance the colors in my piece using acrylic paints or oil pastels . . . I hope I can create the time to finish my piece.

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gl. said...

and on top of everything else you have homework! i'm glad you're enjoying the class despite it. :)