Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Visual Journaling: No Rules!

Last Thursday was the first class of my latest Visual Journaling class: A Life Collage. The class is being held at the always fabulous Stampin' Cat Studio, and four lovely ladies have come together to play and create every Thursday evening for three luxurious hours. Prior to the class beginning, I took the time to bind a newly created journal of my own, which I have posted a photo of above.

So then, last Thursday evening, I gave some general guidelines and I hadn't even finished talking, when the ladies dove in and began playing with the materials.

Very quickly, their journal pages began to take shape:

Miss "J," I'll call her, did some writing using the end of a stick, and picked up on two words I said (not the big words!), NO RULES. From here . . . .

. . . she went to here with her pages!

Beautiful, eh?


amy said...

Wow that looks like they had so much fun! And I love the circular dotted pages. Reminds me that I need to get some waxed paper too. :)

gl. said...

very nice! i'll bet they're going to love this class.