Thursday, February 5, 2009

juSt Be.

Another swap bites the dust (boom boom), another swap bites the dust . . . .

I signed on to particpate in an ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap through Artfest, which is happening the first of April at Fort Worden in Port Townsend. The theme of this year's Artfest is Sea Monsters and Bee Shay, our ATC hostess, asked us to keep that theme in mind when creating our cards. We were also told we could add no embellishments. None. Nada. Whatsoever. WHAT!?! I must admit I struggled a bit with designing my card, especially since I couldn't add any bits and pieces (I always add bits and pieces). Finally, I just started painting the 2.5x3.5-inch cards, layering, scratching, and blotting. I had a background.

After some internet research, I found a copyright free image that I liked, so I printed multiple copies (32 to be exact) and while watching reruns of NCIS, I cut out the little winged, clawed, tailed beauties.

After stamping some words, adding an old-style compass, and gluing my lovely lady to the card, it was needing something more. So I added the words: juSt Be. and outlined it in gold metallic ink. As my two-year old grandson Emmett would say: Ta Da!

I'll be mailing them this afternoon.

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gl. said...

when i read "Another swap bites the dust (boom boom), another swap bites the dust . . . ." i thought oh, no! what happened?! so i'm glad to see it was a successful swap. but i can only imagine how much you struggled not to embellish! :D