Friday, January 30, 2009

Mixed Bag Thursday

Thursday was a busy day for me, full of artful play. It started in the morning when my friend Destree came over for a play date.

I futzed around with my sunflower a little more in preparation for my Mixed Media class later in the day.

Destree is part of the Altered Board Book Round Robin and I had just finished my two pages in Dawn's book (don't look, Dawn, unless you want to see what I did to your pages!). Here is the two-page spread I did in Dawn's book:

Finally, in the afternoon, I headed to the Art Department for my Thursday afternoon Mixed Media class with Cynthia Herron. We had a little show 'n Tell from what we created last week.

For this week, we were to select a single image to repeat four to eight times, arting up the image in a different way each time. I started by experimenting with Sun Prints (fortunately, there was sunshine yesterday in the afternoon).

Here is the beginning of my grid of birds:

And while I was out waiting for my sun print to "develop," I noticed a really cool living space above Greenbaum's Quilt Shop and the Art Department!

Stay tuned for more on my Grid of Birds, as I think I'll call it.

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