Friday, January 23, 2009

Mixed Media Class: I'm a Student!

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. My goal for 2009 is to cReaTe. With that in mind, I signed up to take a six-week class in Salem. The class description had been sitting on my desk since the first of the year and for some reason I was hesitant to take the plunge and actually register. On Tuesday, I walked to my hair appointment and on my way, I stopped in at our local art store and inquired about the class. They needed two more people to make the class a go. I left my name and number and sure enough, later that day, I received a call that if I registered, the class would take place. I didn’t have much time to think, I just said YES.

Yesterday was my first class ( it is being held at the art store, the Art Department, on Thursday afternoons). The class is titled Mixed Media and is being taught by Cynthia Herron. I peeked at Cynthia’s website and I love her work.

When we introduced ourselves, Cynthia asked why we were taking the class. I said there were two reasons. One reason was because I teach a lot and I needed to take a class for me. The second reason was that although I have taken dozens of classes, I have never really taken a class that teaches the theory or elements of art and this class looked like it was going to incorporate that into our weekly sessions.

My first jolt came today when we were expected to draw. Draw? I’ve never had a formal drawing class (just the other day I was at my friend Destree’s house for an art play date and I mentioned my “fear” of drawing . . .). Today our assignment was to choose an image and then select a portion of it, or to enlarge the entire image, and draw it onto an 11x14 piece of Bristol board. We were told to either free hand it or use a grid (which was explained). Well, that grid method didn’t look like it was going to be very helpful to me, so I just put my pencil on the paper and went forth (chanting Be Bold Be Bold Be Bold to myself). I don’t think I cropped the picture enough, but I was pleased with my sunflower. Our assignment was to then do a wash with acrylics, followed by experimentation with colored pencils, chalk pastels, or water soluble crayons. I chose the water soluble crayons and began to add color and texture in various areas. I didn’t finish my piece, but we’re supposed to finish them at home, then bring them next week to HANG ON THE WALL FOR A LITTLE CRITIQUE. Man, it is good for me to be taking this class because it reminds me how important it is to make students feel comfortable and safe AND not to assume that anyone knows anything!!

Here's my initial drawing, the first blush of color, and then a bit more. I need to do a little more futzing with the piece before next Thursday. Wish me luck!

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gl. said...

be bold, be bold, be bold! yeah! i can tell this is going to be a good class for you. :)