Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Wonderful Goodness

There is a flea market in the region that I have wanted to visit for the past year, but it seems I was always out of town or busy on the first Sunday of the month when it is held. Well, not today, Baby. I went. Howard graciously agreed to accompany me to the Polk County Flea Market, held at the Polk County Fairgrounds, about a 20-minute drive from Salem. Early birds can pay $5 and get in between 6:00 –9:00 am while vendors are setting up, but we waited until 9:00 am so we only had to pay $1 each for entry. Yowsa! It was three rooms filled with table after table of goodness. The ad for the flea market states there are more than 100 vendors and I believe it.

(And while we were inside shopping for over two hours, Oliver was waiting patiently in the car for us . . .)

I definitely replenished my knicks and knacks after today’s visit!

And my dear husband found and bought me an artist’s easel, a real one, for only $30. The easel I’ve been using was a rather flimsy tri-pod affair that didn’t quite hold the canvas I’ve been working on (my "Canvas Project"). Not any more! I’m a real live artist with a real live easel.


Deirdra Doan said...

yes sir that will do it!!! an easel makes the truth now are a real artist!!!! love those nickies.....what a girl.

theresa martin said...

It looks like you scored in the knick knack department AND in the husband department :-)

Gerri said...

Didn't know you had a standard poodle - he's precious! And yep you hit the jackpot LOL

gl. said...

those keys! that typewriter ball! *swoon* i can't believe you only spent 2 hours there. :)

also: good show, howard! dayna totally deserves a real easel.