Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Art and Soul - It's a Wrap

What to say. Trite words pop into my tired, fried, overloaded brain: Amazing. Awesome. Stimulating. Inspiring. I’m not usually at a loss for words, but words aren’t coming too freely right now. So let me take you on a tour with photos of what I’ve been doing for the past week.


I spent Wednesday with the vibrant and talented Leighanna Light making a Vintage Metal Treasure Deck. My deck is NOT done, every card needs paint and charms still need to be added to the edges. But here is a mini photo collage of my day (and my deck).

Oh, and by the way, Leighanna and this class was a starred attraction.


Thursday was Ann Baldwin day and her class was Free Yourself Up With Abstract Collage. I didn't make it so far as to assemble an actual collage (I'm just not that speedy), but I did get to make a lot of fun papers.


Friday was another starred attraction: Helga Strauss and her Art-Full DreamBoxes. Helga is the mistress of ArtChix studio, a fabulous on-line store and source of inspiration. Helga brought piles of her dreamy supplies and shared them generously! This is another one of those instances where my piece is not completed, it needs a little more in the way of doo-dads and definitely needs charms dangling from the bottom (and I didn't get this one completed because my grandson Emmett ended up in the emergency room from drinking a swig too many of children's Tylenol, so I wanted to be with him at Emmanuel Hosptial - after a cocktail of chocolate charcoal, he was fine).


Kelly Rae Roberts. She was a starred attration as was her art and her process. She was a last minute replacement for DJ Pettit, and I'm sorry that DJ got sick, but lucky me to get to sit at the feet of Kelly Rae! My two pieces are "almost" done, they both need a little futzin' with the background, a more finished edge, oh, and one of my "ladies" needs a face!

I loved Kelly Rae so much (and have for a long time), that I bought three of her prints (and a magnet):


I was pretty tired by Sunday and so I wasn't working at a very feverish pitch when I took Gridlocked from Lisa Kaus. I love her concept and I love Lisa's finished work, but I was a pokey pig on Sunday and didn't get very far on my piece. Lisa also cautioned against taking photos, so I have only one with her and one of my incomplete piece that I took at home. But, but, but, I am going to have great fun working on this piece at home where I have access to my papers and bits for embellishment, so watch out Gridlock!


I almost went home on Monday, but my class was with assemblage art superstar, Michael deMeng, so I just had to see the great man in person. My pieces never really took flight, but knowing I have a metal stash at home tucked in all sorts of nooks and crannies, prevented me from jumping in completely. And I did leave early . . . but I learned a LOT about connecting metal to metal, got a power tool demonstration,played with copper etchings, and Michael gave a couple of excellent painting demos, so it was all worth it . . . and I got my photo taken with him, too! (I sound like a schoolgirl - - - blushing).

And now my art supplies must be put away so I can get packed for Italy. We leave on Thursday, so this will most likely be my final post from the United States. Arrivederci!


m i c h e l l e said...

Howdy Dayna...Okay so I'm a Portland Area Artfester AND I went to Art and Soul AND we were in Lisa Kaus' Gridlocked class together on Sunday! Small world, eh??? When you get back from Italy, let's be sure to visit!

Bon voyage! :-)

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

dayna, thanks for you comment on my blog about my nature bathroom....want to come help me paint it a soft robin's egg blue when you get back from italy?


well, think about it....LOL

in readiing about your time at A&S i really made me miss being there but then reading about how it wore you out, i knew i wasn't supposed to be there! LOL
all of your work was amazing!!! i especially like lisa's work - would have loved to have taken her class - your piece was looking soooo good. got any hints for me?

and, this is going to sound so stupid, but weren't we at a&s together last year? you look too familiar for me not to have met you somewhere.
i know, i know, i sound stupid:)

have fun in italy!! oh, my gosh, that's so awesome that you're going to ITALY!!!


gl. said...

ooo, dayna, i love that card deck! also, i think you're going to do amazing things with the metal collage based on the couple of pictures you posted. wow!

so sorry to hear about emmett, though! thank goodness for the chocolate charcoal! glad he's okay. (if it wasn't a poison situation, the words "chocolate charcoal" have a surprising resonance and poetic juxtaposition....)

Deirdra Doan said...

Wow how delightful! I love seeing your classes. Kelli is right up your alley, Love what you did!!!