Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sweet Dreams . . .

The Dreams show opened on Friday night at the Launch Pad Gallery. I posted about this show and the piece I made a couple of weeks ago. If you want to read more about it, click here. Most of my family was able to attend and cheer me on (my oldest daughter and her family had attempted to come, but car troubles prevented them from maing the trip from Washington). Here are photos of the opening celebration.

My daughter Amy, son-in-law Mike, and grandsons Emmett and Jackson admire the art.

A close-up of my piece hanging in the show:

It's placement on the wall (someone mentioned testicles about the piece next to mine . . . oh dear):

Taking a closer look (and making sure the wax was still hanging on!):

My son Scott (it was his 25th birthday!) and his girlfriend, Becca:

The throngs of art lovers:

Grandson Jackson touches the glass ball embedded in my piece:

An unknown princess child jumped on the couch just as I was snapping a photo of Mike:

The show runs through the end of the month, so if you're in SE Portland, swing by and take a peek (but check the Launch Pad Gallery website for their hours first).


gl. said...

yay! i was sad to miss this; ill bet it was quite a party. congratulations! did you ever get a chance to write/talk about what the piece means to you?

Destree said...

I'm so sorry we missed you! Your piece looked so great on the wall...and yes, I noticed the sets of testicles surrounding it :0) By the time we got there (say around 9ish?) the crowd was definitely different from your pics. We had a really great time, and I got some good visual feedback...I saw a few people looking at my piece REALLY CLOSELY. Have to smile at that! I'll share my pics soon....