Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Month of Tuesdays: Week Four of Visual Journaling

I taught my final Visual Journaling class last Tuesday at Stampin' Cat Studio (thanks, Lisa, for the great space, your nifty supplies, and the discount you give to class participants!) and I think all of us were a little sad to have our weekly play date come to an end. The response to the class was enthusiastic and all plan to continue playing in their journals on their own.

On Tuesday, I showed the women how to heat up blue foam blocks and make a molded stamp using the bottom of their shoe, their jewelry, or anything they spied in the studio that had good definition (one woman used her feet!). They took it from there:

Our featured artist was Randi Feuerhelm-Watts, and I read passages from her journal book, “Wide Open,” while the ladies worked in their journals. Here are some of their pages in process:

Finally, the women filled out comment cards and here are some of their responses:

I liked: The variety of techniques and medias. The fun samples, books, and the fabulous teacher. The interaction with the interesting women. The class was presented in such a freeing approach. Looseness and creativity seeped through as time passed class by class.

I liked all the examples of art processes. This was a totally creative class in which we were free to express ourselves. You were supportive and shared your passion for this, which is a great incentive.

I loved taking a break from daily life to come here to play. Time just seemed to go by so quickly.

The positive atmosphere and flow of creative ideas made me feel alive!

Addendun: If you are interested in taking this class, I will be offering it at Stampin' Cat Studio in January. Based upon the current class and comments made by the women, the class in January will be a tad longer (more time to play) and the journal-making class will be held on a Saturday with a box lunch included in the fee! Stay tuned - and let me know if you want to be added to my mailing list so I can notify you when registration begins.

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gl. said...

yay! how wonderful that class went well -- and that you get to offer it again and make it even better! hoorah!