Thursday, October 16, 2008


We said farewell to Sorrento this morning and boarded the Circumvesuviana train for the final time. We had made hotel reservations yesterday based upon a recommendation by Rick (we’re on a first name basis with Mr. Steves), at the Hotel Europa. Score. The hotel was 1) right across the street from the Centrale train station, 2) a beautiful hotel, and 3) a block from our car rental (we pick our car up on Friday morning). We arrived before check-in, so the hotel allowed us to stash our bags in a holding area until we returned later in the day. We got directions to the Archaeological Museum (Museo Archeologico), went underground, and caught the metro subway to the Piazza Cavour station, only one stop away.

The Archaeological Museum is big, dusty, dirty (actually rather run down), but filled to the brim with fabulous sculptures and priceless pieces from Pompeii. What a thrill to have visited Pompeii yesterday, then today see the treasures! We even were able to see a model of Pompeii.

A fun side trip in the museum was to the Secret Room of erotic art (Gabinetto Segreto). For this room we had to go to the Information Desk and make an appointment. It is open to anyone and kids 14 and older are allowed to enter with their parents. Now I know what we saw was in a museum, and I know that when we were in Copenhagen we visited the Museum of Erotica, but in the interest of keeping this blog tidy, I won’t post any photos from the Gabinetto Segreto (the Secret Room). However, if you would like to see a few photos, just e-mail me privately and I’ll send you a sampling. How’s that for being diplomatic (and I promise not to reveal who requests a private showing!)

The hotel we are staying in is definitely the best yet, and definitely has the biggest and best bathroom. This is worth mentioning because the past two hotels have had water closets that have been just that: closets. All of them have had bidets, which take up quite a bit of room (Howard uses them to wash off his stinky feet!). And then there is the small matter that our curent room has a direct internet connection and I have been behind in my blogging. All that is to say, after we returned from our museum excursion, I was ready to stay in the room.

First, Howard opened the window and took in the view from our room.

Then, he disappeared for a little bit and returned with two cups of delicious goodness (sprinkled with chocolate):

Then, he disappeared again and returned with a gift-wrapped surprise!

Because I was busy blogging and checking e-mails, Howard went out and made arrangements to have pizza delivered to our room! Yikes Almighty, but he is a good man.


Bridget B. said...

coffee? pastries? pizza? Wow! He's a keeper!


gl. said...

howard brings coffee, treats & pizza while you blog in italy. what a guy! :D

seriously, though, it's good to take some time to just sit in the room sometimes. that's why i had a hard time w/ hostels: you usually had to get out at 11 whether you wanted to or not. you could come back at 4.

Peshe said...

Hope you saved the pastry wrapper.

Dayna Collins said...

Peshe, I DID save the paper. We obviously think alike.! Dayna

Destree said...

Oh my goodness, that pizza looks delicious! And I know you said email privately (ha ha) but I don't want to forget...send me a few pics from the secret closet (I guess all your blogging friends know I'm a perv ha)