Sunday, October 12, 2008

Roma! Post No. 3

On Saturday evening, after Howard had napped and I had updated my travel journal, we ventured out for the Spanish Steps and somehow managed to arrive at the top rather than the bottom! At the top we went into a delightful church, Trinita del Monti.

I had Howard snap a photo of a flaming heart atop a wrought iron gate inside the church.

Then, after snapping a few photos looking down the magnificent (and popular) steps, we headed down ourselves, and snapped a few more photos. The whole area was bustling with Saturday night activity.

Since we weren't ready to call it a day (or night), we headed north on Via Del Corso and found ourselves at the Piazza Del Popolo, where we were treated to a live rock concert and more beautiful sculptures.

Of course, our evening would not be complete without a stop at Blue Ice for our evening gelato. Howard and I both had the same: a small 1/2 Creme Caramel and 1/2 Melitng Chocolate. We ate at Trevi Fountain, right in the midst of the hub. After a final stroll "around the block," we called it a night.

Oh, and we plan to visit the Pantheon on Monday morning, before we head south to Sorrento!

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Laura said...


You are having too much fun!
Go girl go...

Just a note to let you know I was happy to see your name in the newly organized NW Art Group. Somehow I misplaced your card and could not read your email address on the trade you gave me.

Anyway, we sat together in the Dreambox class. Yes, I'm the out of control brunette who made the dream box with the lady wearing pasties.

Check out Helga's blog as your pic is there as well as your dreambox.

Of course, you look absolutely fabulous! Love your hair!

Keep smiling and behave yourself in Italy.