Thursday, October 16, 2008

Helga Rocks - and so does Lisa!

Take a look at this! Helga Strauss, one of my instructors at Art and Soul (and a starred attraction) has posted a photo of her favorite trades at Art and Soul (mine is the little orange one with the bird in the lower right corner) AND a photo of us together on her blog. To read the entire post and see the photos, click here. Because Helga is so cool, you are gonna want to look at her website, too: ARTchix Studio. . . . .I just had to take a time out from my travel blogs to share this unexpected blessing! . . . and then I checked out the blog of another artist I took a class from at Art and Soul, the amazing Lisa Kaus, and she gave a nod to my blog and posted a photo of the two of us. Check out Lisa's blog here and her website here.

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Carol Weiler said...

I just discovered your blog thru a Lisa Kaus post and am thrilled I did. Your profile sounds a lot like me- and I am enjoying your Italian trip-we went there for our 25th and hope to go back! I look forward to hearing more. Thank You! Carol