Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Canvas Project: Day 120

The Canvas Project continues, and yesterday was Day 120!


gl. said...

neat! what's going to happen to the daily canvas while you are in italy?

Dayna Collins said...

Gretchin, it is my hope to do some "pre-emptive" entries, then a little catch-up when we return so that I'll be back on track fairly quickly without actually missing any entries! Dayna

Anonymous said...


lk moonwood said...

Wow! I'm going to have to read up about this canvas project because this is so cool!

I came by your blog via Pamela's Portland group idea - I hope it happens. Your visual journaling class looks like fun! And I'd love to see pics of what you made at Art & Soul, especially from the Vintage Metal Treasure Deck class and the Gridlocked class - two that I'd really like to take.

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

oh, my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love, love, love this!!
oh, i must do one.

how do i start?


Dayna Collins said...

Jan, for the Canvas Project you get a canvas (mine is 30 inches x 30 inches and was leftover from a class I took last summer) and you start adding things: one thing a day - paint, collage, words, etc. When you are working on other projects, it is quite handy to get rid of extra paint onto the canvas, glue on a tidbit from your "other" project . . . you get the idea. But you have to do one thing a day. I keep a little journal nearby and jot down the date and what I added.