Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Month of Tuesdays: Week Three of Visual Journaling

I've been spending my Tuesdays preparing for the Visual Journaling class I teach in the evening at Stampin' Cat Studio. I decide what techniques to teach, which visual journalist to feature. For last night, I decided to use a technique I learned from Judy Wise, artist and visual journalist extraordinaire (and our featured visual journalist in our first week). For the exercise, we glued black and white images onto pages of our journal, then painted over the page and images. The above photo was my practice page in process, and here it is a little further along:

I had been collecting black and white images all week (and made a couple of trips to Kinko's to make toner photocopies). Yesterday in the afternoon, I assembled the images (and a surprise goodie) into packets:

And then put the whole kaboodle into an envelope, applied a stamp and a "stamp."

Yesterday evening, we had a full house at ten. I love teaching! I love teaching creative, vibrant, talented women and that is what I had last night. They dove in with enthusiasm and eagerness and began gluing and splashing paint with wild abandon:

Our featured visual journalist was Sabrina Ward Harrison, and some of the women decided to try out some of her techniques. I had even brought along my Polaroid camera and snapped a photo of each woman for use in their pages. Sabrina often uses photos, not just of her face, but also of her feet or an arm, so the women last night had me snapping photos of their eyes, one wanted her pony tail, another her ear, and one had me snap a photo of her beautiful, long, colorful tattoo that runs up her leg and thigh (but I'm not telling who that was!).

And some women turned to pages they had created in the past to add additional layers of color and texture:

All ten of my lovely ladies agreed to pose for a group photo, each holding their journal or pages they have been working on. Thank you!!

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