Sunday, September 28, 2008

Art and Soul Countdown

Art and Soul, a mixed media retreat with instructors and participants arriving from all over the country, begins on Wednesday morning. Classes are offered for six days and I have signed up to take six classes! Registration took place months ago, and now here it is, ready to begin. I've been making lists (lots of lists - one for Art and Soul, one for my Visual Journaling class, one for Italy, one for errands yet to do . . . .). Oh dear!

But back to Art and Soul. I attended for the first time last year and I loved it! I packed too much and I'm trying to not do that this year, but it is difficult. Each of the six classes has its own list of supplies needed, and those are pretty manageable and many overlap. But then there are the lists that say things like small images and small found objects, or a variety of patterned papers, assorted found objects/embellishments/flea market finds, and various small found objects: anything and everything. Wellll, you know how I spend a lot of my spare time and that is gathering bits and pieces from far and near, so limiting and selecting what to take is not easy. Last year I discovered that even with the supply lists asking students to bring these things, THE INSTRUCTORS ALWAYS BROUGHT EVERYTHING WE NEEDED! And yet, I still feel compelled to bring this and that just in case. So the packing continues, with the assembling of my basic tool kit (in a tool box, no less):

And in the basement:

Okay, okay, all that is somewhat interesting, but the big question is: What classes are you taking? Since you asked, here goes:

Wednesday - Vintage Metal Treasure Deck with Leighanna Light:

Thursday - Free Yourself Up with Abstract Collage with Ann Baldwin:

Friday - Art-Full DreamBoxes with Helga Strauss:

Saturday - Patchwork Collage Painting with Kelly Rae Roberts:

Sunday - Gridlocked with Lisa Kaus:

Monday - Tuna Tin Retrablos with Michael deMeng:

I'll do some blog posts as time permits, either during the retreat or after I return a week from Tuesday. In the meantime, I'm packed and ready to go.

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gl. said...

i'm sure you'll love it (again)! i love the "keep portland weird" sticker on your toolbox. :)