Sunday, September 7, 2008

Walk a Mile - Oh, Yeah!

The deed is done. Howard walked a mile in a pair of glittery, sparkly women's shoes and he did spendidly! But more important, we raised $724.52 for the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC). It was a fun event for a serious subject. Again, a great big thank you to our friends who supported us - I listed our contributors in a recent post, so click here to see the list (and a clip of the filming of a Public Service Announcement - Howard was in the PSAs on TV, which appeared on Channel 12, but it was his shoes that were featured prominently in the filming of the spot and in the bit they showed during the news). But enough with my words. Here are the much-anticipated photos (with a few comments to illuminate).

Howard registers and picks up his tee-shirt:

Pre-emptive band-aids and footies are applied:

Four of the more colorful walkers:

Howard begins the walk, sipping on an energy drink for strength.

The shoes in action:

I was there (wearing sensible and oh-so-comfortable shoes!):

Howard's still walkin' and still smilin':

Making a small adjustment (not doing show-off squats):

The walkers enter the Beaverton Farmer's Market (a very cool market, by the way):

Our daughter Amy (one of the organizers) and grandson Emmett (who also walked):

Amy's father-in-law, Ron, participated and was brave enough to wear a housecoat. Although we weren't sure what that represented, it was cute.

Mike, our son-in-law, looked mighty comfortable in his wedgies. The secret, he said, was wearing them around the house while doing a little yard work, although he said of the open toe look: The three end toes get off easy while the two sticking through have to take it for the team. They look good, Mike, never mind the pain! Hey, I just now noticed that his toes were painted red!! Yikes almighty, Mike - you're awesome!

Howard stopped long enough to dance a little Samba (and this was at the END of the walk!):

Amy's team: family and in-laws:

Our family:

And only one owie:

Thanks again, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Dad has got some sexy-ass legs! Go get em'!!! Love the pics, Mom! Love you both! :) Melissa

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Congratulations to you both! And *thank you* for raising money for such an excellent cause!

Anonymous said...

All I can say! :-P

Good work, team, and keep on keeping on! Tell Howard he has now walked more in heels than I have!-- Joni

gl. said...

great post, pix, and purpose. (nice alliteration, eh?) howard should wear those shoes more often: they show off his delicate ankles & shapely legs!