Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beautiful Visual Journaling Pages

Last night was the first of four Tuesday nights where I’m leading eight women (the class was full!) through the ins and outs of visual journaling. The class was held at the bright and airy Stampin’ Cat Studio. Five of the women in the class had taken the hand-bound journal class the previous week, one of the women had taken my 8-week Visual Journaling class in the spring, and four of the eight women were veterans of my Artist’s Way Creative Clusters (and one of those had taken the Artist’s Way from me twice!). So it was a cohesive and jovial group of women, all eager to jump in and get some color on their pages.

In preparation for the evening, I put together packets filled with paper goodies for use during the class:

During the afternoon, I was trying to decide what techniques to teach and which Visual Artist to introduce. I was stymied and sort of stuck so I decided the best way to get unstuck would be to do a page and jot down the techniques as I went along. I started with some writing, added some texture, then began squiring paint and rubbing it around. What I came up with was this:

Then I decided I would add some journaling to my pages and that led me to think about Judy Wise and her style, so she became the Visual Artist I introduced to the women! Here are my pages, in process, and just waiting for entries to be made the rest of the week:

And here (drum roll), are several of the beautiful pages created by the eight lovely ladies:

Post Script: Here is Susan’s completed hand-bound journal all decked out in beads, buttons, and an image from Teesha Moore’s website:

By the way, if you are interested in attending one of the remaining three visual journaling classes, there are three spaces open as of last night . . . with several women checking their calendars! Come play with us!

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