Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Artfest Here I Come!

I’m in! I’m going to ARTFEST next April! I sent in my registration on Tuesday, September 2nd as suggested to have the best chance of getting into classes and it worked! I got in. I took my registration to the post office in person on the 2nd and had the mail clerk hand cancel my precious envelope. I received an e-mail yesterday saying that the class confirmations had been sent. Today, I anxiously waited for the mail to be delivered . . . and yes, there was an envelope from Teesha. I got two of my first choices, and one of my second. Even that was okay because Judy Wise was the teacher of my first choice and she is from my area so hopefully, maybe, perhaps she will teach her class somewhere locally one of these days. What am I taking? Here is the list:

Day One:
Lynne Perella “A Face in the Crowd”

Day Two:
Karen O’Brien “Myth and Mystery”

Day Three:
Mary Beth Shaw “Spontaneous Intent Clayboard”

Yowsa! I’m pretty darned excited. I’ve never been been to Artfest and I’ve never been to Port Townsend, both on my "to do, I hope I get to" lists. For those that aren’t familiar with Artfest, it is an art retreat that is held at Fort Worden State Park, an old military base, and hosted by Teesha Moore. I'm too excited to write any more - I've gotta go look at the supply lists for the classes!


Bridget B. said...

Hey, I'll be there too! Exciting!

Dayna Collins said...

Bridget, I was thinking this was something you attended. Let's be sure and get together! Dayna