Saturday, June 20, 2009

Break Free, Speak Truth

Another Round Robin has come to a close. I haven't received my book yet (I can hardly wait!), but I finished my two pages. For this final rotation, I had the privilege of playing in Destree's book - Destree was the host for this Altered Board Book swap. This rotation was a tad bit more challenging for me as we are now living on our boat for several weeks in downtown Portland (in anticipation of the Waterfront Blues Festival), so I didn't have access to all of my nifty embellishments and even basic art supplies. I keep a few things on the boat, but I did have to make a run to Art Media last week to pick up a few colors of paint, a set of alphabet rubber stamps, and some oil pastels. I also went to Powell's and purchased a couple of old books for text- and then I've been picking up bits and pieces on my walks, and those items got included as well (a goose feather, a smushed bottle cap with the image of and the word scissors on the inside of the cap - how cool and lucky is that!?!). So here is my work space, first as my office, and then transformed into my art studio (it's also the counter where we eat - thank heavens we ate out a couple of nights).

And what miracles occurred while bobbing and swaying? My pages:


Deldino said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now and just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing yourself and your art, it is a pleasure and an inspiration.
I only wished I was on the west coast instead of the east so I could participate in your wonderful classes.

Destree said...

Dayna, this is incredible. I am so honored...I don't have the words. I can't wait to see in person. Thank you so much.

Gerri said...

This is beautiful Dayna!