Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet Clark

The Art Buddies Invitational continues, this time with my friend Dawn. Dawn began taking classes from me over a year ago and then in January, signed up for my 12-week Artist's Way sessions. With having taken that class, I think Dawn has taken pretty much everything I've offered in Salem! Dawn has a beautiful and peaceful spirit, is sweet and funny, and is a very talented artist.

For the Art Buddies Invitational, Dawn took her Art Buddy out for breakfast at the Original Pancake House, a Salem mainstay, almost a landmark given it's popularity! She took her daughter Tiffany and her niece Megan and from what Dawn has shared about their breakfast, everyone joined in the fun.

Here is Dawn's description of their morning, followed by photographs of their shennanigans.

I can't think of a better way to start a Sunday than with a breakfast at the Original Pancake House on South Commercial! Tiffany and I had a mother/daughter breakfast date planned and since my niece Megan was in town from Bend she joined us. Great timing Meg! It was fun hanging with these two young beautiful gals and they had even more fun hanging with me once I brought Clark out. (He was hiding in my purse.) Tiff propped him up behind the bench to help him stay up in the waiting area. Tiff made the little newspaper for Clark too. Take note of Tiffany's newspaper...she has the sports section and it's turned upside down, on purpose, of course. Funny and clever! At the table while bending and positioning Clark Megan said, "This is fun. It's like playing." Tiff and I agreed. All three of us had big smiles on our faces while manipulating, or should I say, assisting Clark into his next posture. I told Tiff I was just thinking the other day how it would be fun to go to Bush Park and go swinging on the swings, sliding on the slides and go on the Merry-Go-Around...just have fun playing. Playing just doesn't happen enough these days. She thought that would be fun to do. Maybe Clark will join us...and perhaps Megan will be visiting from Bend.

Thanks, Dawn. Your playful spirit is revealed in your outing with Clark and the girls.


Kim said...

Oh, too funny! Blogs are being taken over, not by the bloggers, but by the adventures of their art buddies, LOL!

Seth said...

He looks so happy in the last picture!

Gerri said...

Dawn has done it again LOL - love this!

Destree said...

Love it! Clark is having such a good time. Dayna, you are blogging up a storm on the "FeedBlitz" is blowin' up :0)