Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All Grown Up

I met Shelby through my friend Destree and I knew I wanted to be Shelby's friend the minute I met her. For one thing, we like the same kind of art (on the creepy side at times) and Shelby has a great sense of self-confidence and calmness that I admire. Shelby has taken many of my classes in Salem and is faithful about posting comments on my blog. We have been in an Altered Board Book Round Robin together and Shelby and I are in the same book group (and we like the same authors, too). Shelby is also a photographer and is the one who recently took a bunch of photos of me and altered and arted them up to perfection. If you want to see some of Shelby's work, just click here.

As you can see from Shelby's Art Buddy, she has gone for the crazy creepy. She didn't even name her piece, just sent the following message:

Here is my all grown up Art Buddy.

All grown up indeed. Thanks, Shelby.

1 comment:

Carol Wiebe said...

FABULOUS! Shelby has decided two heads are better than one (3 if you count the head that has been enveloped by the largest one.)

Perhaps we shall have to call this art buddy Ghidorah!