Saturday, June 6, 2009

Little Art Buddy - Carol Style

Photo by Carol

On May 20th, I posted about what I dubbed the Art Buddies Invitational. The idea was to invite a group of my supportive and encouraging art friends to come out and play a bit, no matter where anyone lived. The deadline, a very loose deadline, is next week, but a couple of people have already completed their play dates, another has written about receiving her LAB (Little Art Buddy), and I have finished my own Art Buddy. I'm not sure the best way to do this, but I think I'm going to do a separate post for each Art Buddy as I receive photos (and commentary).

For this post, I want to share a link to the blog of Carol Wiebe of Silverspring Studio. Carol lives in Canada, so this invitational is officially an international one! Carol blogged about receiving her Little Art Buddy (LAB), and it was so entertaining, I want to encourage you to hop on over to her blog and take a peek. I've borrowed two of the photos Carol took and posted on her blog, the one above is Carol taking her LAB out of the packaging, and then in a very cool trick, she posted an x-ray photo of her LAB. I wanna know how she did that (and it even has a heart)!

Photo by Carol


Carol Wiebe said...

Thanks for sending people to my Canadian neck of the woods, Dayna!

I'd better hop to it! The “X-ray” is a Photoshop Elements manipulation. I knew the yellows would “Invert” to blues, so I just played with the brightness and level of transparency. Then I added a little heart layer. If the picture had not been yellow, I could have changed the color, or gone to a gray.

I have decided to call her Oiseaux. I thought of Birdie, which is cute and a diminutive bird (she’s a diminutive human form), but I like the French version of this word better.

Now, I better get crackin' (sorry, Oiseaux. I didn't mean anything by that.)

Bobbie said...

How very cool is this? I can already tell I'm going to love seeing the "unveiling" of all of the buddies. Carol, if you are reading this...I love your Blog and really love your "Passion is a Potent Force" creation - it's definitely a keeper!!