Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shiny and Glittery and Oh So Beautiful!

I'm taking advantage of being in the heart of one of the best cities in the world (Portland, Oregon, in case you're reading for the first time). Today I walked from the waterfront over to the Pearl District and discovered a cute little shop I've only driven by in the past. Being on foot, I was able to pop in. The shop? Thea's Interiors - Vintage Living. Thea describes her shop as an ecclectic blend of antique & artisan accessories, jewelry & furniture. It's all that and more! She also says her shop offers home decor to inspire any space. It's true, I was inspired.


Gerri said...

OMG I see a birdcage I want LOL! Some neat places up there - it would be SO much fun to browse through these stores.

Bobbie said...

This store is cool but I think the one you use to drive by was an eclectic French vintage store. It had these wonderful Gardenia wax thing-ies that my sister and I would buy for home and pockets....I'll send you some!!

Destree said...

Very Pearl. did you get anything other than inspiration?