Monday, June 8, 2009

It Was a Splendid Day!

On Sunday, we met up with Sam Hart, proprietess of the always fabulous vintage shop, Lil' Gypsy, to celebrate her birthday. Before we hooked up, Howard and I stopped in for a mocha at the delectable Sweet Masterpiece on NW Davis in the Pearl District.

We met up with Sam in the lobby of the Portland Center Stage Gerding Theatre at the Armory, where we were all to see Grey Gardens. Here is Sam opening her birthday gift from me, a custom Fanciful Dream House!

No photos allowed inside the theatre, but why not a shot of Sam's gift with a program from the show.

Part of Sam's birthday posse:

After we all parted ways, Howard and I dashed down the street to one of our favorite places to eat in Portland: Blossoming Lotus, located in Yoga Pearl.

I always get the Monk Bowl with tempeh . . oh so delicious!

Post Script. My gift for Sam was a Fanciful Dream House with Lil' Gypsy's logo.

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