Saturday, June 6, 2009

Turn Toward the Wave

I joined the Keizer Art Association a few months ago at the suggestion of my artist friend, Jami Moffett, of Off the Hook Studios. When I received the KAA's most recent newsletter, it had information about the Member's Art Show, scheduled for the month of June. I tucked the idea into the back of my brain, and it probably would have languished there if not for Jami's urging, this time for me to enter something in the show. I had just returned home from my five days at the Oregon College of Art and Craft taking Pat Wheeler's class, The Architecture of Memory, and I decided to enter one of my two completed pieces, Turn Toward the Wave. I dropped my piece off last Wednesday and then tonight, Howard and I attended the opening reception. Here I am entering the building where the Keizer Art Association is housed.

It was very satisfying to see my piece hanging on the wall.

I was going to walk around and take more photos of the show, but I ran into one of my former instructors, Deanna White, and got so absorbed in talking with her, that I left without snapping another photo! Deanna had two pastel pieces hanging in the show, but was also there with a display about the many classes she offers. Much to my surprise (and delight), Deanna had a photo of me in the recent class I took from her at the Salem Art Association, The Ancient Art of Encaustics. I sure like how the art world is all twisted and intertwined!


Shelly said...

Congratulations, Dayna !!! Amazing work, I loved this piece from the very outset. (See, I just used the word "love". It is difficult to described why we love a work of art, isn't it?)

Will post soon with Little Art Buddy.

Again, such a provacative piece. Very well done.


Peshe said...

"wave' looks fantastic hanging on a wall in a show. see how it stands up straight and struts....


Gerri said...

I love this piece too and hope to see it in person.

Bobbie said...

I get to see this on Thursday...I'm so excited!!!!

gl. said...

turn toward the wave is an intriguing piece and the photo cropping of it is even more interesting. i'm glad you didn't let this idea languish! it looks like you're well suited to the gallery. :)