Monday, June 8, 2009

Art and the Park

It's Monday, so that means I get to hang out with Emmett. We started our Monday shenanigans by doing a little art, er, BIG art. I had tossed down a large piece of gessoed canvas to catch drips and drops of paint as I've been working on several messy projects at once. There was an area that was as white as white can be, so, Emmett and I decided we would do an outline of him and Emmett could then color himself. Here we go . . .

When he was done, I asked what he had to say about his art. "I like orange," was his reply. Okay, I like orange, too!

After all that art-makin', it was time to walk over to Bush Park for some playtime. We invited Howard to join us.

It is now naptime . . . . ahhhhh.

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Bobbie said...

And somedays there just isn't anything better than likin' orange!