Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Be Still My Beating Heart

This pile of loot was not found by me, no, it was sought out and collected by my five-year old grandson (soon to be six he would want you to know), Jackson. When I had him and his brother, Emmett, on Monday, Jackson said he didn't want to take the sports equipment up to the park, but instead, he wanted to go on a treasure hunt. This was child-speak for collecting bits of found objects. So with plastic baggies in hand, we set out. The only rule was that Jackson had to point to his goodies for my approval before he picked anything up (wanting to avoid syringes or pieces of glass). Jackson's first discovery was a piece of a bicycle reflector. SCORE!

I did have to do a little explaining to his parents why he was bringing home a baggie full of, well, garbage! Ahh, I think the little guy is taking after me! And his parents weren't even surprised.


Gerri said...

I bet those kiddos had fun having permission to "pick up stuff off the ground" LOL.

Bobbie said...

He totally scored on the reflector!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all your posts about Portland. Crazy that I have lived here for almost 9 years and you discover shops and landmarks that I have never heard of or seen! You also have taught my kids to look at the ground find crap, take it home, say it is slated to become 'art.' That is why you get the "Best Whammie" Award!