Monday, June 8, 2009

Jar of Tears

I invited Kathleen to participate in my Art Buddies Invitational for many reasons. For one thing, she is a faithful reader of my blog. Kathleen works at the Oregon State Hospital as a nurse and has enlisted a group of her co-workers and friends to follow along with reading my blog and my artful escapades! Kathleen has also taken every single class I have ever offered in Salem. So how's that for a fantastic and supportive friend and cheerleader? Kathleen lives fairly close to Bush Park, so today when I went for my outing with Master Emmett, I zipped over to Kathleen's house to snap a few photos of her Art Buddy. Kathleen is going through some personal family challenges and so her Art Buddy was a form of art therapy for her.

The mini canvas in some of the above photos was something I encouraged Kathleen to participate in and I will be writing more about that little adventure in the next few days . . . oh, and Kathleen has the cutest cat, Geisha is her name, so friendly and interested in what I was doing. Geisha even stopped long enough to pose for a photo.


Bobbie said...

Another cool idea. I love how you can take the same wooden buddy and by adding a red ribbon or purple heart and come away with two totally different feelings. And EVERY class? Kathleen definitely gets a set of Pom Poms!

Shelly said...

Very powerful piece by Kathleen. My heart goes out to her.