Thursday, June 11, 2009

Through a Lens

Our local art store, the Art Department, is hosting their first ever Mini Canvas art show. The only requirement is that artwork be on Art Alternative Itty Bitties canvases (five sizes, with the largest being 3x3 inches, the size I chose) and may not exceed the edge of the canvas (I'm glad I read that in advance!). Everyone could submit up to three canvases -- my canvases have been submitted and will be on display for the month of July. All three of my pieces involve some sort of glass lens. Here they are.

My first piece, Girlhood, is modeled after my own Itty Bitty Pretties. The dictionary definition I have included that runs along the side next to the photo (of me) reads: girlhood noun The period of time or state of being a girl: I had a happy girlhood.

Yes, I did.

For my second piece, 46. My dream, I played around with a tree branch stencil, then added a largeish lens over the top. The lens is stamped with words and around the edge of the canvas is a portion of a poem by Rochelle Mass: A tree is a lens, a viewfinder, a window. I wait below for a message, of what is next to come.

My final piece (and my favorite) is Mary. The lens I used on this piece is an old optician lens that has a hologram of Mary with angels (I bought the lens on my recent visit to Rancho Deluxe in NE Portland). Can you believe it? When you look straight at my piece, you see the little plastic Mary, but if you look at it from below, you see the fancy Mary with angels circling her head. Aw . . . .


Ruth Armitage said...

Hi Dana,
Love all three of these, but I'll have to agree that my favorite is also Mary :)Amazing what you can pack into such a small space.

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Lovely work… I particularly like the colors of "46. My dream".

Gerri said...

I love all 3 of these! The cute lil girl in the first, the colors of the second and the hologram in Mary - LOVE that!

Bobbie said...

These are great..each three so different and unique. Where do you come up with all of your ideas? Your head isn't physically that big....but it seems packed full of ideas!!