Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Urban Art

I've had an assortment of grandkids with me over the past seven days. Yesterday, I had 3-year old Emmett and 5-year old Jackson. Since we were in downtown Portland, I thought it would be fun to do some crayon rubbings. All you need are metal grates and covers with some sort of relief (see above as an example) and some cheap crayons (see below).

You peel off the paper from the crayon, turn it sideways, put a piece of paper over the metal cover, rub the crayon, and you get a pretty cool impression of what is beneath!

The boys had a good time, running from cover to cover outside the Riverplace Hotel (I think we were the entertainment for the late afternoon crowd who were sitting outside in rocking chairs sipping their drinks and watching the three of us scurrying around on the cement!).

The boys left today and I am sitting at the Little River Cafe once again being a grown up. It's kinda overrated and boring. . . . but I'm making do.

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Gerri said...

You are such a FUN grandmom and I'm taking notes LOL