Monday, June 1, 2009

The A of M: Final Day

My five-day class at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, The Architecture of Memory, came to an end on Sunday afternoon. We played and futzed with our pieces in the morning, then took a break around noon to enjoy brunch at the on-site restaurant, Hands On Cafe.

People were madly finishing up their pieces before the final hanging and critique.

Then, it was time to critique each other's completed pieces. We were told not to use the word like or love when discussing a piece of art . . . do you know how difficult that is? Here is Deb and Deborah critiquing one of my pieces.

To give you flavor of the variety of work people did during the week, here's a sampling.

Pat Wheeler, our instructor, is an amazing artist and a sweet, gentle woman. Here is what she created during our five days together (yes, six pieces and one more big piece that is still in process and not quite wall worthy).

It was a good week and I'm going to miss making art all day and thinking about it all night. As a result of this workshop, both of my daughters have a new piece of art to hang in their homes AND my sister has commissioned me to make something large to hang above the fireplace in her living room!

I leave you with two photos Pat took - a close-up of my turn toward the wave piece and a close-up of a happy artist (Pat took this photo because I was wearing the necklace I had purchased from the OCAC gallery shop - her artist husband, J. Fred Woell, had created it!)


Peshe said...

though i've known you a year and a half, i do see much change. you work looks challenging and comfortable at the same time. challenging in that you're experimenting, mixing it up with the accomplished and sharing with the world. comfortable in that you've developed a voice and are letting it speak.

keep on keeping on....

Ruth Armitage said...

Wow Dayna,
Your work has taken a big jump here. It was amazing to see some of the others' work too. Wish I could have taken that class myself!

Serena Barton said...


Your piece is amazing--I agree with a previous poster about it being challenging and comfortable at the same time. I would love to see that 3-D piece in person.

Wish I had taken this class also!

Lisa Kaus said...

Great photos Dayna- Love the critique as well. In college we did so much of that- That gives me food for thought on my own workshops---xo Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Destree said...

Happy Lady! Incredible art...I L**E the turning of the wave piece. Your boldness is inspiring as always.

Seth said...

This looks like it was both challenging and a lot of fun. The pieces that you have shown here are really quite amazing.

Ophelia said...

This is incredible Dayna!!
Thanks for sharing. I will stop by often.

gl. said...

it looks like everyone did some great work! you should be proud.

"We were told not to use the word like or love when discussing a piece of art . . . " yay! i appreciate hearing about other forms of feedback. :)