Monday, June 15, 2009

Curiosity Takes Courage

When I had the idea for my Art Buddies Invitational, there was no doubt that I would invite Gretchin to participate, as Gretchin holds a very special place in my heart . . .

Gretchin Lair was my guide through the Artist's Way several years ago and it was through my journey with her that my life changed direction. Gretchin, of Scarlet Star Studios, helped me cultivate my creative confidence and my early identity as an artist. Because of Gretchin's gentle guidance and encouragement, I went on to offer the Artist's Way in Salem and that was just the beginning. I consider Gretchin to be my mentor and I am grateful that she remains in my life.

Gretchin's Art Buddy is simple, yet conveys so much. Here is what Gretchin said about her Art Buddy:

It doesn't look elaborate, but this is a powerful image for me. When it is dark and I am feeling lost, my Art Buddy encourages me by looking up at me earnestly, holding up this little sign and saying simply, "Don't forget." Because the heart of art is curiosity, and curiosity takes courage.

Thank you, Gretchin.

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Kim said...

Lovin this little dude as well! How true! Oh, on a side note, noticed the book list and I also loved The Book Thief. I am seeing this book turn up everywhere these days. Maybe there's a message there, LOL!