Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Start

I met Shelly in a class at Art and Soul in Portland. We chatted a bit during the class, I believe it was Ann Baldwin's (but I do have a faulty rememberer, so it might have been a completely different class!). We must have exchanged cards because Shelly was sweet enough to make contact and we've been in touch ever since. Shelly maintains a very cool blog, Paper Mischief, so please take a few minutes to hop over and browse around.

When I was deciding who to invite to join in the Art Buddies Invitational, Shelly immediately popped into my mind because she is such a faithful reader of my blog and always leaves comments (and bloggers do love that). Shelly, being the whiz kid she is, has already posted on her blog about the invitational, so to see what she had to say about the project, just click HERE.

I received Shelly's photo of her Art Buddy with the following comment:

Thanks for including me in the project. It is what I need to kick start my creativity. After returning from two art workshops, I just felt overwhelmed and sort of put everything to the side. This whetted by appetite a little.

Thank you for playing with me, Shelly!

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Kim said...

Hi Dayna, Just wanted to say thanks for poppin in to my blog to say hello. I loved Shelly's art buddie as well. He's just too cute!