Friday, May 15, 2009


Sniff sniff. Last night was the final session of Artful Play, a new class I've been teaching for the past six weeks at Salem Art Association. For our final evening, we Collaged Up a Storm, using techniques I learned from Karen O'Brien while at Artfest last month. It was a bit challenging to get through the process in two hours, but the ladies did it, staying on task and following my directions. As their pieces went through some kinda ugly stages, I kept telling them to "Trust the process." They did.

In the end, everyone was pleased with their creations.

I even joined in and did a demo during the class to illustrate some of the techniques (that's my piece at the beginning of the post). Chirp chrip.


Bobbie said...

Are you doing a class on this? hint, hint!!

Dayna Collins said...

Thanks for asking, Bobbie. I did do something similiar in Portland a few months ago, but I think it definitely warrants doing again!