Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lisa Has a Friend

Lisa, my baby doll, has a new playmate: Amy. My friend Shelby acquired a baby doll and we got the two dolls together last week. They were introduced in the trunk of Shelby's car (where else?). My grandson, Emmett, who named Lisa and my mannequin head (Lucy), named Shelby's doll Amy. Shelby doesn't even know this bit of information yet, and interestingly enough, Amy is the name of my daughter and Emmett's mother. I think it's the dark hair. So for the purposes of this post, I'll refer to Shelby's doll as Amy. By the way, Lisa is a size bigger than Amy, so we figure Lisa is four and Amy is three. But they still liked each other and want to be friends.


shelby said...

I'm so glad that Lisa and Amy hit it off so well, hope they get to visit again some day... great name by the way! Thank Emmett for me!

Gerri said...

These are such cute posts about your dolly - and a new playmate Amy!