Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Disintegration Collaboration: The Reveal

I got started a little late with a nation-wide collaboration project, but I jumped in anyway on March 13th. The collaboration was engineered by New York artist, Seth Apter. To see the bundles of all 123 participants in the project, check out Seth's blog, The Altered Page. To see my original post back in March, you can click here.

Okay, okay. Time for the reveal. Here is my original bundle after being placed in my back yard, all fresh and hopeful.

And here is the bundle after I cut it apart today - all soggy and dirty and frayed a tad around the edges. It's beautiful, although I need to allow the papers a little time to dry out as it has been raining nonstop and the papers are quite soggy.

Hey Seth, what's our next project?


shelby said...

Hmmmm... wishing I had a yard, I love this!

Ginny Gaskill said...

So much stuff to work with. I'm jealous.

gl. said...

which piece is your favorite?

Dayna Collins said...

I like the circle graph all warped and wobbly with crud and debris.