Wednesday, May 13, 2009

O Joyous Day. Really.

One of the things I love about blogging is the connections and friendships that develop. Case in point. Carol Wiebe of Silverspring Studio (in Canada!), somehow discovered my blog and made a comment (thank you). Then she made a post about me on her blog. Carol was so intrigued with the photo shoot Shelby did recently, that she was moved to write about it (and share some of the photos). It all comes together. Carol's post was so flattering (to both Shelby and me), that I'm giving you a nifty little link to take a look at Carol's post (and go ahead and snoop around her blog while you are there - it's fun).

Carol made mention of a smaltzy poem I had written in high school, thus the O Joyous Day references. I scanned the poem as it was written (on torn and frayed notebook paper), but since it is a PDF file and PDF's are tricky to upload to Blogger, I won't be able to upload the file here. But because I think it is important to laugh at ourselves, I'm going to include a snippet of the poem.

Another Day, O Joyous Day!

My golden rods came dancing through the
elusive window
The grass below sparkled like diamonds
sunkissed with dew

Another Day, O Joyous Day!
Let us all be on our way.

The final verse goes like this:

And then the rain came hard and
fast as pellets of clear fine glass
And so I went on my way until
the rain had passed

Another Day, O Joyous Day!
Let us all be on our way.

I do believe that little taste is more than anyone should have to tolerate, so I'll leave it there. However, there are a total of six glorious sections (verses? stanzas? I'm obviously not a poet!), each ending with O Joyous Day . . . . oh brother. By the way, the poem was found tucked in a book by James Whitcomb Riley entitled Love-Lyrics. Of all the books for Shelby to pull off the shelf to use as a prop!


gl. said...

you wrote that in high school? because i've read a LOT of high school poetry, and that's great! give yourself some credit: you obviously loved words. :)

Carol Wiebe said...

Dayna, it was my pleasure to post about you and Shelby. I was being accurate, not flattering! And I, too, am grateful for the connection we have made through blogging. The world has become smaller in one sense (ease of connecting) and so much larger in another (the myriad of connections one can make).

By the way, I agree with gl.--you are being too hard on your younger self.
And I love that umbrella piece: very appropriate below the "pellets of clear glass."