Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day: Crap Hound 7

I just love my kids. They know how to treat me right. First, I got gifts, glorious gifts that my girls had lovingly scavenged from Goodwill and one of my favorite shops in Portland, Rerun on Fremont. Here's my bag of goodies.

And with a little help from grandkids Jackson and Emmett, I opened the whole shabang.

My bounty:

A word about Crap Hound 7. As I was looking through the magazine, Amy said: "I hope you don't already have Crap Hound 7." I replied, "Are you kidding? I don't even have 1-6!" And in case you're interested, Crap Hound is filled with black and white clipartsy type images and issue 7 is dedicated to Church and State (and yet so much more) . It's glorious.

Emmett, my three-year old buddy, snapped a few photos of me. Here's one that captured my whole face.

Then the guys (Howard, Scott, and Mike) cooked a beautiful and wondrous breakfast (coordinated by Mike) for the moms. We had a tofu spinach scramble, strawberry French toast, which had soaked overnight, fresh fruit, and soy-sausages (more than half of us are vegetarians!). Yum yum. Here are the cooks pausing for a photo.

And here I am with my three great kids.

My little bit crazy family.

And finally, my loving and supportive husband (who puts up with all my shenanigans!).

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gl. said...

you DO have good kids. your whole family is swell. happy (belated) mother's day!