Friday, May 8, 2009

All Dolled Up

Last night was week five of my class at the Salem Art Association, Artful Play. The ladies took a very bare and plain Bendi doll like this:

And transformed the dolls into these little beauties!

Introducing the ladies.

Joanne gave birth to Loretta (she even made Loretta a matching purse!).

Shelby created Flora. What can I say? Yes, her hands are tied behind her back.

From Kathleen's generous heart, came Trumbalina.

Anita made Sofia, in honor of her granddaughter of the same name (with a bit of a Hannah Montana theme going on). Sofia has the sweetest little face!

Beth couldn't join us, but she had her grade-school friend, Suzanne, take her place. Suzanne (did I spell your name correctly, Suzanne?), created LoLo, also named after a granddaughter.

And finally, dear Terri created Corina. Terri ran out of time and needs to finish drawing a face for Corina, but she is so fairy-like and pretty, we hardly noticed.


Juanita Bitonti said...

Ahhh! Those are wonderful. Love them. I have to try one soon. It would be hard to pick a favorite. The group shot of them together was fabulous! so cute.

Shelly said...

How awesome !! Talk about a makeover. Amazing work by all ... you guys should do a group submission to Art Doll Quarterly.

Wanted to say, too: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !! Hope you have a great one.