Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Edie's Five and Dime

I've done it again. Discovered a fun little gem of a shop while tootling around Portland. After my class today, and after another visit to SCRAP, I was driving down N. Williams on my way to Killingsworth, when my head snapped to the right, seeing some kind of second hand store/vintage shimmer of goodies. My head had snapped to the right yesterday as I was driving down the same road, but I didn't think quick enough to pull over. Today I did. The shop: Little Edie's Five and Dime. And if you're a Grey Gardens fan (I am, so is Sam), you'll recognize the name of Little Edie. And yes, the store is named after Little Edie of Grey Gardens!

It's a great little store, which bills itself as having "thrifty vintage." Click HERE to get carried immediately to the website for the store.

I did buy a wonderful journal made out of an old Steely Dan record album cover. It was made by the store's owner, Caroline (spelling? hope I got it right). Here is my fun little treasure (be sure and read the note that came with the journal).

The shop is located at 3120 N. Williams Avenue and is open every day noon to six, except for Sunday when the store is closed "to rest."


Destree said...

Thanks for the post: you have expanded my horizons. I had never heard of Grey Gardens before, so I followed your link. Does anyone have a copy of the film or know where I can find it? I'm so intrigued.

Dayna Collins said...

Hi Destree. I have copies of a couple of the documentaries - I'll loan them to you as I think you're gonna get addicted to the ladies!

Bobbie said...

Isn't "cursive" just one of the best words? I think it's one of those words that just makes everyone feel so grown-up!