Friday, May 29, 2009

The A of M: Day 3

Jeez, I'm getting weary. Taking a five-day class is like running a marathon, not that I've ever run one (I did walk the Portland Marathon a few years back . . . one of my toenails fell off, come to think of it). Anyway, there is a need to pace oneself to run a marathon, walk a marathon, or take a five-day art class.

One of the women I've met in the class is someone who was already a Facebook friend, and that came about because someone made a friend suggestion. Well, Stephanie and I have been having lunch together and we seem to have hit it off (I hope our friendship continues after the class is over - does that sound stalkish? I hope not). Stephanie's website is under construction, but here is the link, which is worth looking at for the snippet of her art work you'll see. Just know that Stephanie is a talented Portland artist who has shown her work extensively in galleries and exhibitions. Here she is working on one of her big canvases.

Work continues on my four boards and here are photos of a couple of them:

Now, as for my little 8x8 "Why" piece, it just was not working for me. I tried doing a few modifcations, but it began to get muddy (and then it got pink - don't ask), so I decided the best thing I could do was put it out of it's misery and start over. It was so nice, when I told my husband what I had done, he said, "Good for you. It takes courage to cover over a piece and begin again."

And finally, my end of the day photo:


Anonymous said...

You are too sweet and funny, I'm so glad your in the class too, you keep it light and fun, as it should be! I stayed till 5pm.
Wish I would of "sucked it in" for the photos, time to do sit ups!

Juanita Bitonti said...

Ooooooooooh. I LOVE these Dayna! They are fabulous...and, is that a niche cut into the larger one? I don't know if my eyes are decieving me or it is a niche. How interesting. They are great. Juanita

shelby said...

These are truly AMAZING! Love them! Glad to see you are busily creating!