Thursday, May 28, 2009

The A of M: Day 2

Tired. Exhilerated. Playful. My day started with writing Morning Pages and addressing my inner critic. I realized I can't completely shut the bugger out, so I invited my critic to sit on my shoulder during the day and offer helpful hints. Not sure how successful that whole plan turned out, but I did start my day feeling lighter for having written about my fears. As I left the boat and headed to the second day of my class at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, I dug my camera out of my purse and snapped a few photos just to get some creativity pumping through my veins (along with the caffeine).

It was a fun surprise to run into Linda Womack in the class. Linda is the queen of encaustic and has written a successful book on the topic, Embracing Encaustic. Check out Linda's website, blog, and her book! Here's Linda working on one of her class projects.

Here I am working on one of my boards:

A few more layers of paint and scritchings since yesterday:

And here are my paintings waiting for tomorrow's transformation.


Peshe said...

will you ART Buddy run interference with your critic?

the weather's nice. working outside. working big. working small. making a mess. mixing it up. yeah!!! and you're meeting new playmates.

Bobbie said...

Just give that inner critic one of your bottles of water. That will pipe her down!! This is really looking very very ultra cool!!!