Monday, May 11, 2009

Glimpses of Portland on a Friday Afternoon

Last Friday, Howard and I hooked up with our two daughters, Melissa and Amy. On our way to meet them for lunch, we discovered a new place to explore, a little store on North Russell, Project Hope, with a mission of Building Futures, Restoring Lives. The cute little shop was even photo worthy.

We connected with Melissa and Amy (and with two of our four grandkids: Luke and Gabriella -- Emmett and Jackson were in school) and had lunch at Laughing Planet on North Mississippi.

After lunch, we headed to Flutter, a place that describes itself as a delightful disarray of found objects and clutter. Yes, it fits that description quite well!

I only purchased one thing at Flutter, but what a find. It's a new book filled with stencils. Stencils, I tell ya. It's entitled Stencil 101: Make Your Mark with 25 Reusable Stencils. My artist and photography friend Shelby makes her own stencils, but I'm not that skilled quite yet. Here's a sampling of what's inside:

We managed to hit one garage sale on our way home, and scrabbling together all of our money, I came away with a few items of interest, including a ball of string.

Of course we visited SCRAP, but I found so many unbelievable things, that I'll do a separate post!


shelby said...

OOOHHHH! This book is on my wishlist! Just cause you can cut your own stencils doesn't mean you don't want to play with other peoples!

Destree said...

Oh how flutter-ful! I love it...and really want to play with AFro-Queen of the Stencils....

gl. said...

you know ALL the places in portland! flutter sounds neat; it certainly knows its target demographic. :)