Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Architecture of Memory: Day 1

I'm taking a five-day class at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in SW Portland and today was our first class. The class, The Architecture of Memory: Paintings and Constructions, is being taught by Pat Wheeler. If you've never visited the OCAC campus, here's a couple of shots of the peaceful and serene campus.

We arrived this morning (there are nine of us taking the class) to find our work station all set up and ready for us to begin getting messy, er, I mean creative.

A few peeks of my panels in process.

And ME in process:

My boards are ready for me to resume in the morning.


Peninia said...

wow...fantastic blog :)

Peninia from Poland

Bobbie said...

I'm so excited to see the day by day creation! It really looks like a LABOR of love this first day!

Shelly said...

Hey Dayna -
Just dropped in to say Art Buddy doll arrived. I'll get on it soon.

So excited to see that you are elbow deep at the collage. Your paintings are magnificent !!! I love them all, but am particularly drawn to the one with the shadowbox middle.

Great photos, too. Interesting self-portrait and all the shadow play.

Have fun !!
All the best,

Frickelfee said...

Hi Dayna.....

found your blog by´s so your work!

Could you please tell me the secret...*lol* ....these are normal canvases with a deep edge???
If you get ...prepare it for the "box-space" in the middle??? I hope you understand my question.... ;o)

Greetz Sabine