Friday, March 13, 2009

Disintegration Collaboration

A few of my artist friends have blogged about a collaboration they've joined and I decided I wanted to play, too! The idea sprang from the fertile brain of Seth Apter, a mixed media artist from New York. His blog, The Altered Page, is recording the progress of the collaboration. The idea is pretty simple: gather some stuff together, bind it, and put it outside to disintegrate. I know of a few people who buried their stack, others have hung their bundles from trees. Me? I brought together some of my favorite papers: dictionary pages, lace doilies, sheet music, maps and graphs, telephone pages, ledger paper, pages from a children's book, and an old 1979 newspaper.

I gathered my chosen ephemera into a bundle, wrapped it with some salmon-colored netting I discovered in my stash, then tied the whole affair with wire and added some chain. But it wasn't quite ready for the great outdoors. I snooped around in my basement for some metal-type embellishments (in the hope that they will rust!) and tied them on. Viola! A bundle worthy of disintegration!

Then outside I went, bearing my precious bundle. I found just the right place in a corner of our yard.

On May 1st, the reveal will occur. I'll post photos, for sure.


Anji Gallanos said...

What a really cool idea. I am excited to watch. Your star will be so amazing..rusted and aged, naturally.


theresa martin said...

very cool setting for your bundle. I bet the netting will leave beautiful marks. I'm hoping the rust from my rusted box will leave some good stains too. so glad you joined. looking forward to your excavation!

Seth said...

So happy you are participating. I love the ingredients in your bundle...the papers, the metal, and the brush! Cannot wait to see it on May 1!

Shelly said...

Your parcel is so lovely !!! ?Almost a shame to expose it to the elements. Will be interesting to see the results.
Seth is one creative guy, isn't he?

gl. said...

i really love this idea! can't wait till may01!

deb said...

I particularly like the brush. V. cool

Laura Pace said...

Love the star and brush and where you have your bundle resting.

rachel whetzel said...

This is AMAZING!! I love it!! LOVE it. One of my faves from the group so far!!